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StarComm offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge, IP-based voice and data services...
International carriers, mobile operators and cable companies depend on StarComm to deliver high quality services worldwide...
Efonica is StarComm's revolutionary VoIP service connecting members across the globe with universal accessibility, ease of use and value...
Solutions For Life and Business.
StarComm, LLC is a facilities based communications service provider for international and domestic carrier services as well as web-enabled enhanced telecommunication services. StarDialer products and services were developed by our in house IT division which consists of developers, programmers and software engineers. Our vision is to empower the end users with ethnic backgrounds, small to medium size telecom companies, businesses and enterprises by providing the complete range of cellular, Internet and telecommunication based products and services. The services are offered as convergent solutions using the state of the art equipment, technologies and facilities as well as technically sound professionals.
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Cost-effectively moving complex, mission-critical applications over the Internet is the key to success in today's demanding and competitive business environment. StarComm delivers with communications solutions that are flexible, reliable, scalable and secure....
StarComm is the new breed of carrier, dedicated to providing a full range of advanced IP-based voice and data solutions to our business, consumer and carrier customers worldwide. Firmly in command of what it takes to meet your current needs, and clearly focused on your future requirements, StarComm makes it easy to expect....
StarComm LLC develops software applications connecting existing telephones to our Global Network Operation Center...
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